Home Security

Home security provide 24-hr houme protection services for houses and apartments. Elderly customers often benefits from the safety that a home security service offers as home security services will notify police and fire departments or ambulance services if needed in the event of a fall, illness or fire. Additional benefits of home security systems include discounts on homeowners insurance and no additional need to rely upon neighbors to watch customer's home if they are out of town for extended periods of time.

Personal Security

Personal security specialize in providing protection to a specific individual of group of people. Celebrities, politicians and corporate officers use these services, as well individuals who may be the subject of media attention or are under the threat of personal attacks.

Automobile Security

With the use of vehicles, security can protect the entire areas in a very short time. Unlike other security, he can inform one place to another in a short time and also, easier to catch criminals.

Business Security Service

We offer such as company, hospital, supermaket, hotel, restaurant and other business places to protect their properties. Business protection service use various high-tech device such as hand detector, walking-talking and also provide armed security guards to patrol the property.

Doorman Security Service

Doorman security service provides control access for employees, visitors and outside contractors, which is mostly used in these areas, such as hotel, bank and restaurant's entrance and also in events.

Car Parking Service

We are engaged in providing our clients a qualitative car parking security service to control traffic jam and give good parking.